Written by Sam McGeown on 20/5/2008
Published under VMware
I’ve just upgraded my VMWare Server install to the latest version of the VMWare Server beta, which I have to say, is looking pretty good! One slight niggle that I had was that when I opened the VMWare Remote Console it would tell me that I could not connect, with the error: Error opening the remote virtual machine SM-00109:8333\16:  The host name could not be resolved. Clearly THAT’s a pain in the proverbial.
Written by Sam McGeown on 26/6/2007
Published under VMware
I’ve recently had to upgrade my VM Server due to an increase in load. I had 2 virtual servers running off of the same hard disk, with 768mb of RAM split between the lot. After jamming 2 new 1GB sticks of DDR in, and a new 120GB hard drive it was time to re-allocate some of these resources…here’s how: WARNING! You should always perform a backup on a server you can’t afford to lose BEFORE any operation that could potentially destroy the disk (think what would happen if you had a power cut while resizing…) Step 1 - Moving the Virtual Server.